Do You Have Products That You Want to List on Amazon?

Do you have a product that you manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to?

Have you ever considered selling it on Amazon, but are overwhelmed by the time and effort it requires?

Do you already have your product on Amazon, but aren’t getting the sales you were expecting?

Are you a school or non-profit and want to use Amazon to make money for your organization?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, than you came to the right place.

We Can Do It All For You.

It’s about MANAGING your business.

We will help you manage every step of your Amazon business:

  • Sourcing:  How to source the right product and get it to Amazon.
  • Marketing:  How to write a winning product listing and market online and offline.
  • Competitive Analysis:  How to reverse-engineer the competition’s strategy and do it better.
  • Sales Funnels:  How to manage the customer experience from prospect -> lead -> customer -> repeat customer.
  • Branding:  How to give your product a brand and a following.
  • Pricing:  How to find the ‘sweet spot’ in pricing your product.
  • Shipping:  How to manage suppliers, get products to Amazon warehouses and ensure delivery to customers.
  • Inventory:  How to ensure that a winning product never runs out of inventory.
  • Scaling:  How to go from a ‘hobby’ business with a few sales per day to a true business that sustains itself.
  • Expansion:  We call it the ‘rinse and repeat’ strategy.  Once a product is launched and managed successfully, it can be repeated again with a second product.  And a third, and so on.