Advanced techniques for record sales

Fundraising for Schools and Non-Profits

We offer a unique opportunity for schools and non-profit organizations to benefit from the Amazon selling model.  Making money for an organization just evolved to a new level with tremendous possibilities for growth and income.

The OLD Way

Schools and non-profits have typically relied on a homegrown sales effort similar to the following:

  1. Find a product to sell.
  2. Send your people out to solicit orders.
  3. Process the orders (usually manually).
  4. Deliver the product to the buyers.

This process is labor-intensive and depends on the commitment of the members in the organization to do the work.

We have a new model that requires LESS WORK and can reap far GREATER PROFITS than the traditional method.

Our “Done-for-You” Service for Schools and Non-Profits

The NEW Way

This new model brings the power and scope of Amazon to your fundraising efforts.

You will be the rock star of your organization when you bring in more sales than ever before.

  1. Find a product to sell.
  2. Develop an Amazon sales strategy.
  3. Market to your organization’s list, a loyal audience.
  4. Market to the general public using our advanced techniques.
  5. Collect your income over many months, even years after the product was first listed.

Your organization will receive profit from your internal sales as well as the general public… FAR MORE than what was possible in your local community.

No Amazon Experience Needed. We Can Do It For You!

The exclusive JAMMS Marketing Non-Profit service can generate long-term sustainable income for an organization, surpassing the wildest goals of the typical fundraiser.

JAMMS Marketing can do all of this for you.  It is as if the organization has a business on the side that exists solely for generating cash.

It’s All About the List

This model relies on having an established list of potential customers who will ‘seed’ the initial sales.  Getting ranked requires sales and reviews.

If your organization has a list of fans and supporters, we can do the rest.