Why Work With Us?

The JAMMS Marketing Group is a team of Amazon experts.  When we partner with you we go all in.  We bring our entire arsenal of knowledge, analyzation tools, and street smarts to your project.

We also are connected to a group of over 200 other extremely successful Amazon entrepreneurs.  Together we offer each other a virtual database of solutions to virtually any Amazon problem.

  • We learn your business.  Not just what you do or what you sell, but who your customers are and why they need your product.
  • We study your competition.   Chances are, someone else is selling something similar to your product.  With our exclusive set of tools, we can analyze your competition’s marketing strategy and duplicate some of the best techniques that will push your product to the top.
  • We custom design – AND IMPLEMENT FOR YOU – a complete management plan for your product.  We begin with a carefully-crafted Amazon FBA product listing that draws in buyers.  From there we develop marketing plans, pricing schemes, advertising funnels, and  a long-range strategy for restocking and scaling your business.
  • We do the heavy lifting of the Amazon selling for you, FREEING YOU to focus on the other parts of your business.

Free Consultation

We are here to help you with your Amazon product launch or to help fix a problem with your existing listing.

Your initial consultation is free.  We will discuss your product, your concerns about existing sales, and your expectation for its long-term potential.

If we think we have a good match we’ll discuss options for moving forward.  We look to work with people who are motivated, serious about their business.

Everything we discuss is confidential and held in the strictest regard for your privacy.

Call us and tell us about your product.  We know your business is important to you and want to hear your ideas.

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