Need Help Selling a Product Already on Amazon?

“If you list it, it will sell.”

Did you find out the hard way that it’s not true?

Many business owners are simply too busy to keep up.

Most Amazon sellers are busy running a business or perhaps they work another job.  Either way, it can seem as if there isn’t enough time to manage all of the components that comprise a successful, thriving online business.

Many newcomers to the Amazon world are simply overwhelmed, and understandably so.  The language of Internet Marketing is complicated and it takes time to master even basic skills.

Even seasoned Amazon professionals quickly realize how complex the daily workflow can be.  Getting to the top of Amazon – or even the middle – requires a daily commitment.

Rules and Terms Change Frequently

If that weren’t enough, Amazon’s rules and processes change daily.  Selling techniques which worked yesterday are against Amazon’s Terms of Service today, so skill sets become obsolete, requiring constant re-education.

Amazon Entrepreneurs Reveal Where They Need The Most Help

In a 2015 survey conducted by, Amazon sellers were asked to share the areas where they felt they faced the most hurdles.

Seasoned sellers seem to have overcome many of the initial hurdles whereas the newer sellers found it more challenging to master all of the components.

Product Research and Selection51%
Pay-per-Click (PPC)39%
Growing a Customer Base37%
Listing Optimization36%
Getting Reviews35%
Inventory Management28%
Sales Tax25%
After-Sale Followup20%

Maintaining a product on Amazon requires a daily commitment.

Maintaining a successful Amazon business requires a daily commitment to the business.  Every aspect requires constant attention and the the amount of time required can quickly overwhelm even the most organized entrepreneur.

No longer can a business “ship it and forget it” when sending product to Amazon for sale.

Products that idle away on warehouse shelves are now assessed storage fees or worse.  It is critical to have products that move, that sell regularly.

Seasoned Amazon professionals quickly realize how complex the daily workflow can be.  Getting to the top of Amazon – or even the middle – requires a daily commitment.

We will stoke the fire that fuels your Amazon engine.  Our team of Amazon experts will keep your product alive and selling.

How we can help.

  • Competitive Analysis:  We begin by studying your product against the competitive landscape.  We will look at what has gone well and what may be stopping the product from moving further.  We’ll look at the retail health of the product, the branding, and the niche as a whole.  We will uncover any weaknesses in your current strategy and will develop solutions to move past them.
  • Sales Funnels:  Building funnels is what we do best.  It is also what scares marketers the most.  Leave the dirty work to us.  We will build funnels that will deliver ready-to-buy customers directly to your door.
  • Strategy Development:  If your product isn’t selling the way you had hoped, we can evaluate your current sales strategy.  We will develop a customized blueprint specifically for your product that will generate long-term and sustainable income.
  • Marketing and Advertising:  Once the product is online it must be constantly shown to potential customers.  We handle the daily grind of drip marketing and high-visibility advertising that will get your brand to customers who are looking for your product.
  • Amazon Account Maintenance:  Once your product is selling well, we continue to monitor, tweak, customize and follow the trends in your niche.  Amazon’s rules change frequently and without notice.  We stay in touch with the latest news and advisories so you aren’t caught off-guard.

All of these things – and more – are DONE FOR YOU.  We handle it all for you so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Many successful Amazon entrepreneurs outsource the tedious tasks to experts who can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take a newbie to learn it all.

Now you can outsource your Amazon management to experts who already know the inner workings of Amazon.  We have our own Amazon businesses and have first-hand knowledge of the same things you are trying to do.

Call us and find out how we can help you.