Would you like to sell your product on Amazon?

Do you have a product you manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to and would like to find additional ways to sell it?

Have you ever considered selling it on Amazon, but you’re overwhelmed by the time and effort it requires?

Do you already have your product on Amazon, but you’re not getting the sales you were expecting?

Are you a school or non-profit and want to use Amazon to make money for your organization?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, than you’ve come to the right place.


Many Amazon Entrepreneurs Simply Don't Have Enough Time

Time is money, and time is something money can’t buy.

Most Amazon sellers are busy running a business or perhaps they work another job.  Either way, it can seem as if there isn’t enough time to manage all of the components that comprise a successful, thriving online business.

Many newcomers to the Amazon world are simply overwhelmed, and understandably so.  The language of Internet Marketing is complicated and it takes time to master even basic skills.

Even seasoned Amazon professionals quickly realize how complex the daily workflow can be.  Getting to the top of Amazon – or even the middle – requires a daily commitment.

If that weren’t enough, the Internet landscape changes daily.  New techniques replace old ones.  Skill sets become obsolete, requiring constant re-education.

Its no wonder many Amazon businesses fail.  It is a tough minefield to navigate, and only those with time, knowledge and tenacity succeed.

Listing Your Product and Waiting for Results Isn't Enough

It’s not enough to simply list a product and wait for the sales to roll in.   Your Amazon product is one of MILLIONS of listings.  You need to get it to stand out and BE NOTICED.

If you want your product to sell – and sell well – your listing needs to catch the buyer’s eye.  EVERY DAY.


Selling on Amazon is Not Easy

Getting a product to the top of Amazon is tough work.  The competition to be the top in a category is fierce.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have hit some roadblocks.  Most businesses are scrambling to get that top spot and many will get knocked out of the way.

Amazon has become the MOST PROFITABLE retail ecosystem on the planet.  It is also the MOST COMPETITIVE.

Many entrepreneurs have tried AND FAILED to launch an Amazon business – AND keep the business afloat.

Do you know how to get your product to page one in your category?  We do.

Get Your Product in Front of Millions of Buyers

Amazon continues to dominate the online marketplace.  If you aren't selling on Amazon, you are missing out.

The power of Amazon can not be disputed.  No other web site sells more products than Amazon.com.  Period.

Protect your investment by adding Amazon to your sales channels.

Don’t be left behind when your competition presents their products to the Amazon audience.

We can get your product seen by Amazon customers who are ready to buy.

JAMMS Marketing Group Can Help

If you are already at the top of Amazon, you probably don’t need us.  But if you have been trying to take your product to the next level, we can help.

We will do the work for you so you don’t have to go it alone.

We work with you to ensure you don’t fall into common traps and pitfalls that befall amateur marketers.

We use winning strategies that only the elite sellers know about.

Why Work With Us?

The JAMMS Marketing Group is a team of Amazon experts.  When we partner with you we go all in.  We bring our entire arsenal of knowledge, analyzation tools, and street smarts to your project.

We also are connected to a group of over 200 other extremely successful Amazon entrepreneurs.  Together we offer each other a virtual database of solutions to virtually any Amazon problem.

  • We learn your business.  Not just what you do or what you sell, but who your customers are and why they need your product.
  • We study your competition.   Chances are, someone else is selling something similar to your product.  With our exclusive set of tools, we can analyze your competition’s marketing strategy and duplicate some of the best techniques that will push your product to the top.
  • We custom design – AND IMPLEMENT FOR YOU – a complete management plan for your product.  We begin with a carefully-crafted Amazon FBA product listing that draws in buyers.  From there we develop marketing plans, pricing schemes, advertising funnels, and  a long-range strategy for restocking and scaling your business.
  • We do the heavy lifting of the Amazon selling for you, FREEING YOU to focus on the other parts of your business.